Fishbone  – Cholly                                                                                              UK Subs – Reportage France 3

Fishbone  – Date Rape                                                                                       Tribute to Mano Negra (Ma Valise) – Darling Darling

Fishbone – Everyday Sunshine                                                                           Tribute to Mano Negra (Ma Valise)  – Sidi h bibi

Mad Caddies  – Coming back 2010                                                                     Tribute to Mano Negra (IAO + guests) – Mala Vida

Mad Caddies feat IAO Latino – Coyote                                                               Tribute to Mano Negra (Manon) – Pas assez de toi

Punish Yourself  – Retro Concert                                                                       Fiesta FZM (Commando Bérurier)  – Apache

The Gladiators feat Droop Lion – Bongo Red                                                   Mad Sin – Brainstorm

Max Roméo – Stereolux 2016